Dani Olivie b&w optic



Dani Olivie b&w optic


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My cats would never tell me that I never deserve to be respected by anyone!

Why did it take me so long to realize that you can get paid just for not wearing clothes

Hellloooo! Suicidal homicidal maniac here! Shoutsout to everyone in my life for making me feel completely alienated and worthless!

Everyone makes fun of me for loving my cats so much but they’re the only living things that haven’t failed me

Every time Jason derulo gets scared he sings his name

I’m really glad I spent all day cleaning the fuck out of my house because my friends from out of town were gonna stay with me tonight and an hour after they were supposed to be here decided to let me know that they weren’t coming anymore cause they “weren’t feeling it”

I can’t deal when people come to my house and disrespect me and my friends and then take it like a fucking joke when I tell them to leave

I was just telling my boyfriend how I thought it was weird/scary that the guy that lives in the apartment on the other side of my house just walked into my house without knocking or trying to get a hold of me and he got mad at me and said that it’s rude to knock because “cops knock”

Since when is that a thing!!!!

I was home alone and could have been naked or doing anything when he came in and the last I knew it was rude to NOT knock…

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I need bill hader

Imagine if someone came over to your house, let your indoor only cat out, and said fuck it when asked to bring her back inside

Because that happened to me when I wasn’t around
And now she is no where to be found
How the fuck could anyone be like that